Restore your hair and self-confidence!
The Vampire Hair® Treatment takes advantage of your body’s natural healing and tissue building abilities by using PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Platelets are special cells in the blood that contain a host of crucial growth factors and proteins that can stimulate hair growth.

Vampire Treatment

How is the Procedure Done?
We add a special numbing cream to the scalp. While the numbing cream is taking effect, we draw your blood (just like having a routine blood test). While you wait, we process your blood in our examination room to extract and concentrate the platelets to make the PRP. Once the PRP is ready, we then apply some special nerve blocks around the scalp to numb the target area(s) even more. Once you’re completely numb, we then inject a special mixture of vitamins under the scalp. The vitamins help supply nutrients for the new hair. Finally, we inject the PRP under the skin on the scalp where we want to stimulate new hair growth.

How long before I will see results?
Results vary based on each individual. You will need to be patient. It takes a LONG time for hair to regrow. Results can take anywhere from 6 months to even a year.

Cost: $2,499.00