Give your cleavage boost and improve the signs of breast aging with The Vampire Breast Lift®!

The Vampire Breast Lift® enhances the cleavage and nipple area of the breasts. This innovative treatment harnesses the regenerative qualities of your own blood along with the use of a dermal filler to augment the breast area without surgery, implants, or down-time. With this simple procedure your blood is drawn, spun through a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and reinserted back into the breasts through injections.

The Vampire Breast Lift® helps restore youthful femininity by helping to improve signs of breast aging, such as:

•  Graying of skin resulting from reduced blood flow
•  Collapsed or droopy breast shape
•  Lack of nipple sensation after breastfeeding, breast implants, other surgery, or aging
•  Inverted nipples
•  Crepey décolletage
Vampire Treatment

The entire process can be completed in an hour or less, and it is virtually pain-free. You can get your Vampire Breast Lift® done on your lunch break and be back to work for that afternoon meeting!

Please Note: It can take several weeks for the platelets and other growth factors to rejuvenate the skin and tissue of the treated area. While results vary from person to person, many women see benefits lasting up to two years. This non-surgical breast lift does not replace breast implants. It is, however, often used to soften the ripples and hollows in the cleavage area and decrease in nipple sensation that can occur after having breast implants inserted.