Thermi-O is a non-surgical vaginal  treatment which combines the innovative ThermiVa® and O-Shot® treatments, which delivers powerful results to help women with:

      ● Bladder Control: Urinary Urgency, Urinary Frequency, Awakening to Urinate at night and Mild to Moderate Urinary Leakage
      ● Improvement in Vaginal Dryness
      ● Increased Sexual Pleasure: Vaginal & Clitoral Sensation, Ability to Orgasm and Sexual Desire
      ● Treatment of Lichen Sclerosus
      ● Treatment of Vaginal Pain: From Mesh, From Episiotomy Scar and Dyspareunia

Thermi-O For Dramatic Results

The Perfect Combination . . .

      ● ThermiVa® uses radio frequency (RF) energy to gently heat the vaginal tissue inside and out.
      ● O-Shot® utilizes a small amount of the client’s blood to obtain platelet rich plasma (PRP) which is inserted directly into specific areas within the vagina which stimulates the tissue in the vagina to repair and rejuvenate.
Cost: $2,999.00

Thermi-O Booster is a yearly booster procedure used as part of a treatment plan for women who have had the original Thermi-O procedure: $1,999.00