The Priapus Toxin™ Procedure can improve penis health and function. It has been shown to help erectile dysfunction (ED) for some men–even when Viagra/Cialis and even Trimix no longer work.

The Priapus Toxin™ Procedure utilizes a botulinum toxin type A (such as Dysport /Botox)/Xenomin) to temporarily block communication between nerve endings and specific muscles. When used in the penis, Dysport can relax the smooth muscle that controls blood flow through the arteries of the penis. When the smooth muscle relaxes, the arteries increase in diameter, and more blood flows into the penis which results in significantly improved erections.

Botox®/Dysport® has been used for years as a way to relax the smooth muscle of the bladder with bladder spasm.

The Priapus Toxin™ procedure improves the size of the flaccid penis by maintaining more blood flow in the flaccid state.

The Priapus Toxin™ procedure may help in the recovery of the penis post prostate surgery.

Treating erectile dysfunction is serious business. Only physicians/practitioners trained and licensed by the Cellular Medicine Association® (indicated by their listing in the directory) can legally use the names Priatus Toxin™, P-Shot 100™ and/or P-Shot® to describe procedures offered in their office.
Priapus Toxin™
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Priapus Toxin™ Cost: $2,299
Priapus Toxin™ with P-Shot: $4,199