YBB facials begin with a thorough evaluation of your skin. The facial is then tailored to address the individual skin care needs of each client. Luxurious and therapeutic, our facials are the perfect prescription for beautiful skin.

Customized Facial
Starting at $149

This 1 hour facial is designed for all skin types! It’s customized to your unique skin and includes cleanser, exfoliating, steam, masque, moisturizer, and SPF… plus additional items to address your particular skincare needs.

Take your customized facial to the next level by adding:

  • Dermaplaning – $59
  • Vibradermabrasion – $79



... The facial was so soothing! I was so relaxed. After she cleaned my face, I could have taken a nap! When she left the room, I did fall asleep. Her hands felt really soft as they massaged my face in a figure of eight. I loved it! Can’t wait to have another one by her!

Lori D. Age 58

... During the entire procedure, she [the esthetician] was gentle and she knew what she was doing with me and why. When she finished my facial, compliments were in order. My face looked awesome and I felt better afterwards!

P. Coleman Age: 88

Taylor is the best! She has the perfect touch. My skin looks and feels amazing!

Kathy Doutt

If you have any questions about our facials or other skincare services, please contact our aesthetician at aesthetician@ybbalance.com.

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