Pellet Therapy has been used with great success in the United States and Europe since 1938. Unlike other methods of delivery, pellet therapy delivers a slow steady physiological release of hormones. This steady level of release makes pellet therapy superior to oral and topical hormonal therapy, which are prone to more ups and downs.

Testosterone levels drop drastically as women enter into their early 40’s, sometimes sooner. Testosterone pellet therapy improves hot flashes, sex drive, night sweats, difficulty sleeping, headaches, vaginal dryness, memory fog, decreases body pain and can help with weight loss. Testosterone strengthens bones and muscles (including the vaginal and bladder muscles which can help with urinary leakage and prolapse). Testosterone pellets often treat multiple issues with one simple therapy that could otherwise require the use of a combination of different pills, creams and/or patches.

Female testosterone pellet therapy is usually performed 3 times a year. Averages of 2-3 pellets are placed in 1 “track” under the skin in the hip.
Bioidentical Homones

Types of Pellets:

Testosterone pellet therapy is the most effective form of testosterone therapy available.

Some women “aromatize” or convert too much testosterone to estradiol, which can interfere with the beneficial effects of testosterone. An “aromatase inhibitor” may be prescribed to prevent this. Patients, including breast cancer survivors, heavy bleeders and patients with fibroids or endometriosis may be treated with the combination testosterone-anastrazole implants to stop this conversion.

For women who struggle with hair loss and thinning, a combination Testosterone Finasteride pellet may be beneficial. This decreases the breakdown of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone which can significantly improve these symptoms.
For women who are prone to adult onset acne, testosterone may make their outbreaks worse. Placing a combination testosterone finasteride pellet helps to decrease this potential side effect.

Since testosterone helps production of estrogen in the target tissues, most women on testosterone, do not require estrogen therapy. However, an estrogen pellet may be added to therapy for women who do not achieve significant improvement in their symptoms from testosterone alone.

The average cost for a female client’s pellets and insertion:

$310 - $365

(Female consultation prices are separate and may be billed to insurance.)
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